2018 MacKenzie Lecture Friday Evening Program


Why IS Religion & Media Our Subject For ThE 2018 Friday Evening MacKENZie Lecture?

As we move further into the Twenty-First Century, we can see more clearly the trends that will
dominate culture, society and politics for the foreseeable future. Among these trends is one that
challenges important received ideas of the past: the persistence and resurgence of religion as a national, regional and global force. Seemingly contradicting the long-held prediction that it would fade from modern life, religion has instead gained new profile and prominence on the global stage.

When ‘the Media’ includes movies, videos, music, advertising, television entertainment programing as well as news and opinion programing, and the internet and social media, how can the distinction between religion and culture be kept clear? How does the Media mediate religion? How does the Media impact and shape Religion? How does the Media help or hinder the understanding of different religions across cultural and national boundaries? How do religious communities communicate their own message when they feel the Media has distorted their truth?

These are the types of issues the lectureship hopes to explore.  Hope you will join us.


Dr. Stewart Hoover is a Professor of Media  Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he directs the Center for Media, Religion, and Culture. His field of scholarship is in media audience research, media history, and the social and political impact of the media. He is an internationally recognized expert on media and religion.

Stewart has studied and written about a diverse array of topics in this field, including televangelism, religion journalism, religion in secular and entertainment media, and religion in the internet and digital media. He and his Colleagues have studied the ways audiences
today find religious and spiritual meaning in the media: from books, television and film to Facebook and the other social media.

Professor Hoover holds a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and a MA in ethics from  Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. He has authored, co-authored, edited, or co-edited ten books, including Mass Media Religion, Religion in the News and the forthcoming Does God Make the Man: Media, Religion, and the Crisis of Masculinity, (with Curtis Coats).



White paper

A paper produced by the Center for Media, Religion and Culture
Media and Religion


Panel discussion that our 2018 MacKenzie Lecturer Stewart Hoover participated in. The topic of the discussion is, “Has Religion Become Politicized By The Media In the USA”?


Fresh Air with Terry Gross interview May 9, 1984 on Televangelism

Lecturer, Annual Fosdick Seminars on Preaching, Riverside Church, New York, “Preaching in America: Speaking Truth to Power” Oct. 1982: part 1 and part 2. Topic: American Televangelism.

Interview with Religion and Ethics Report, a radio program on ABC radio in Australia, about the way religion was discussed in the media coverage of the 2016 election.

Center for Media, Religion and Culture Website:

Sacred Lines, Center for Media, Religion and Culture’s public radio show co-produced with KGNU

Third Spaces,” Center for Media, Religion and Culture’s group blog on media and religion

A video produced in 2010 by the Center for Media, Religion and Culture focused on the Muslim experience in Colorado: